Report a false positive

False positives are errors wrongly reported as such by SymfonyInsight. These errors are commonly produced by hard to detect edge cases in your code, but sometimes the reason is that the rules applied during the analysis are too strict.

SymfonyInsight team puts a lot of effort into tweaking and improving the analysis rules to reduce the amount of false positives. If you find one of these false positives and want to get it fixed quickly, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the green Feedback button located at the left side of every SymfonyInsight page.
  2. Use the pop-up form to explain briefly the reason why you think some error is a false positive.
  3. If possible, include the direct link to the violation, which you can find by pushing on the Permalink button of the associated violation.

In addition, you can also report a false positive by pushing on the Ignore button of any violation.

SymfonyInsight team is continuously monitoring the violations marked as ignored. However, this alternative way to report false positives doesn't allow to add any comment or additional information.