Simple scoring is always free: we only charge for full reports.
All our plans offer unlimited analyses per project and API access.

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Freelancer SME with internal projects SME with customer projects Large organizations
59 € $79 39 € $49 / mo.
119 € $159 79 € $109 / mo.
199 € $259 139 € $189 / mo.
Number of active projects monitored
5 5 10 Contact us
Analysis retention per project
Number of analysis kept over time for each project
Last 10 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Collaborators Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Payment methods do you accept?

Payments are managed by SensioLabsConnect, which accepts most credit cards.

What if I don't have Euros or US Dollars?

Provided you have an international card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), your bank will make the conversion for you.

Do prices include VAT?

All prices exclude VAT.

What is a scoring, what is a report?

When Insight audits an application, it runs a deep static code analysis that generates two results: the basic scoring and the full report.

The basic scoring is the overall quality grade of an application - bronze, silver, gold, or platinum (see example scorings). A scoring also includes a few project metrics and the critical security suggestions. For free users, project scorings are limited to 1 per project.

The full report is the detail of the analysis (see an example fullreport) . It gives precise insight on the weaknesses of an application, useful guidance on how to fix them, and the exact location of all suggestions. A full report also contains graphs about the evolution of the application quality.

Why do you offer the list of critical security suggestions?

Security is a major concern for Symfony. The Symfony framework is regularly audited by independent security firms, but that doesn't prevent developers from mistakenly introducing breaches. We want all Symfony applications to be reasonably safe, that's why we display the extract of the full report concerning critical security suggestions in the basic scoring. For free.

I just need a single analysis, why do you charge per month?

Once you get your first analysis, you'll realize that your application probably violates some critical principles and that it needs to be fixed. So you'll need to rerun an analysis to check that the fix is correct. And in the meantime, your application code will continue to grow. You'll be hooked into Continuous Quality Control, as 99% of the people trying SymfonyInsight.

What do you mean with Analysis retention?

For Individual plans, we retain only the last analysis results for your projects. Those results may represent a very large amount of data, and only Business plans have an unlimited retention.

Please note that the number of analysis retained is per project, not per branch of a project.

What do you mean with Branch Analysis?

SymfonyInsight can analyze both your Default/Master branch and daughter branches (namely "Pull Requests" in GitHub). This helps you and make sure that a branch will not add any new, unexpected suggestion to your Default/Master branch, and be proactive in correcting them.

What's a collaborator?

Project development is usually a team work. But if only one developer in the team can access the quality analyses, then the overall developer skill won't progress. It's important to share the analysis results with every developer in the team, and that's the purpose of collaborators. Your collaborators can read the analyses of your private projects, run new analyses, and comment on the violations. They can't, however, change your projects configuration, or add a new project.

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