All our plans offer unlimited analyses per project and unlimited integrations.

For freelancers and hobbyists
Unlimited analyses
Keep a full history of your project's quality improvements.
Deep analysis of Symfony apps
SymfonyInsight boots your Symfony application, inspects its container and gives you advanced reports on your project quality.
Automatic analysis integrations
Add SymfonyInsight to GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket with a few clicks. Use our PHAR to trigger analysis from anywhere else
Configurable e-mail alerts
Receive an alert when your project's quality changes.
19 €
/ month / project
Billed yearly
Switch to monthly
Total: 19 € / month
For collaborative teams
Everything in Individual
Unlimited collaborators
Share analysis reports with your colleagues and allow them to launch analysis.
Analysis results notifications
Receive analysis results notifications in Slack , Teams or as a custom Webhook.
Printable analysis reports
Print executive or detailed analysis reports for your customers or your managers.
29 €
/ month / project
Billed yearly
Switch to monthly
Total: 29 € / month
For maximum productivity
Everything in Team
Onboarding and setup of the project
Swiftly set up your project with our dedicated onboarding process.
Monthly report analyses commented by our experts
Elevate your decision-making with comprehensive analysis reports, enriched by our experts.
Dedicated technical support
Receive personalized assistance for a seamless experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept?

Payments are managed by SymfonyConnect, which accepts most credit cards.

Do prices include VAT?

All prices exclude VAT.

What if I don't have Euros or US Dollars?

Provided you have an international card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), your bank will make the conversion for you.

I just need a single analysis, why do you charge per month?

Once you get your first analysis, you'll realize that your application has probably some important issues to fix. In the meantime, your application code will continue to grow and new issues will arise.

Adding SymfonyInsight to your development process is a great way to manage and monitor technical debt, during the whole life of your project.

What is a collaborator?

Project development is usually a team work. But if only one developer in the team can access the quality analyses, then the overall developer skill won't progress.

It's important to share the analysis results with every developer in the team, and that's the purpose of collaborators. Your collaborators can read the analyses of your private projects, run new analyses, and comment on the violations. They can't, however, change your projects configuration, or add a new project.

What is a scoring, what is a report?

When Insight audits an application, it runs a deep static and dynamic code analysis that generates two results: the basic scoring and the full report.

The basic scoring is the overall quality grade of an application - bronze, silver, gold, or platinum (see example scorings). A scoring also includes a few project metrics and the critical security suggestions.

The full report is the detail of issues found during the analysis. It gives precise insight on the weaknesses of an application, useful guidance on how to fix them, and the exact location of all issues. A full report also contains graphs about the evolution of the application quality.