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We continuously analyze your code to detect security risks, find bugs, provide actionable metrics and help improve your projects in the long term.

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Exhaustive checks

More than 100 quality checks ranging from security to performance based on our long experience auditing real-world applications.

Dynamic analysis

A dynamic analysis engine that boots your application to find bugs and errors that go unnoticed using static code analysis.

Accurate estimations

Reported errors include an accurate time estimation to fix them, which allows for a better plan of your project development and technical debt cost reduction.


Hundreds of carefully elaborated documentation pages to explain the exact cause of each error and why it's considered a bad practice.


Receive a notification whenever the quality of your project changes or a commit introduces new errors and suggestions.

Invite your team

Add collaborators to your projects, share quality reports and discuss errors and suggestions using the built-in comment engine.


Find the most common security problems in your code before deploying your application to production with our automated security audits.

GitHub integration

Analyze public or private projects, configure GitHub hooks to trigger automatic analyses and create GitHub issues from your application reports.


Seamless Jenkins integration and a full-featured API, SDK and console tools to integrate code analyses with your own tools and services.

Zero set-up

Applications are analyzed in the cloud, so there is nothing to configure or set up on your side.

Extensive checks

Fast growing quality checkpoints list ranging from security to performance, maintainability, robustness or architecture.

Actionable reports

Detailed reports help you develop a clear picture about your project quality and its evolution over time.


Receive notifications whenever the quality of your project changes or when a member of your team introduces new errors.

Prioritized goals

Use the built-in filters to allocate your resources on the most important errors to your project.

Estimate with confidence

Better plan your project development using the accurate time-to-fix estimations provided by each reported error.


Project analyses perform tens of security checks to prevent your application from including security exploits.


Projects are analyzed in their own private virtual machines, which ensures total isolation from other projects.