The life jacket for your team

How confident are you in your safety against
data leaks, downtimes and lawsuits?

SymfonyInsight helps you protect your team and your project against

Save your teams and projects before they sink!

SymfonyInsight helps teams of all sizes to be safe against critical risks to their projects and businesses.

Detect security vulnerabilities before they reach production.
Prevent GDPR complaints and Intellectual Property lawsuits.
Avoid data leaks and ensure data integrity.
Avoid downtimes and major bugs in production.
Avoid slow productivity and negative growth.
Ensure technical issues do not have negative repercussions on your brand.

“As the manager of a development team, I would strongly recommend this powerful tool. It has helped our team to significantly enhance and maintain the overall quality of our code at a Platinum level and enhanced the quality of our application.”

Renier Lewis

Head of Product, TTS Talent

“We use SymfonyInsight heavily to conduct pre-audits on our customers code. By providing an automated first analysis quickly, SymfonyInsight gives us a big picture of the project state. It highlights instantanely quality, security and performance issues that we should have a look at.”

Salah Meharga

CTO, SensioLabs

We protect your team and your projects.
You stay focused on your business.

You have a business to run. Stop worring about security vulnerabilities, legal complaints and business blockers.
Let us do that for you.
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