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Add collaborators to a project

Project development is usually a team work. But if only one developer in the team can access the quality analysis, then the overall developer skill won't progress. It's important to share the analysis results with every developer in the team, and that's the purpose of collaborators.

Your collaborators can read the full analysis reports of your private projects, run new analysis, and comment on the violations. They can't, however, change your projects configuration, or add a new project. Collaborators don't need to sign up for a private account, so they just have to register for a free SymfonyInsight account.


Click on the Edit project link at the top right of a project or analysis page.


If you want to remove a collaborator from the project, click on the Remove link at the right of the collaborator name.


If you want to add another collaborator, click on the Add link displayed at the end of the collaborators list.


Push the Update Project button to save the changes.