Embed badges showing the project medal

SymfonyInsight grades the quality of the projects using the following medal rank (from left to right: platinum, gold, silver, bronze and no medal):

The medal of your project is always displayed next to its name. If you also want to show the medal on any GitHub repository page or on your own blog or website, use the medal widget available for every SymfonyInsight project:

  1. Click on the Account link located at the SymfonyInsight main menu.
  2. Click on the Project Medals tab and select your project from the Project list.
  3. Select your preferred medal widget size (big, small or mini) and get one of the following widget styles:

    • SVG image: useful to display the medal on your blog or website.
    • Markdown: this snippet is useful to display the medal on the file of your code repository.

The medal widgets are automatically updated each time you schedule an analysis for your project. Therefore, your website, blog or GitHub/Bitbucket project pages will always display the most recent medal of your projects.

Alternatively, you can get the widget of your project by clicking on the medal widget displayed on any SymfonyInsight page. In the project page, click on the widget located at the top of the right sidebar. In the analysis page, click on the widget located at the bottom of the left sidebar.