My application is not bootable

In your analysis report, you may get the violation A Symfony application should be bootable. This violations means that SymfonyInsight was not able to boot the Symfony application due to an error occurring during the boot.

A lot of things could be the reason of the failure but the following is the most common one.

Your application fails to boot because of the connection to a database is not accessible.

Starting databases is usually not required, nor desirable when booting the application. If you see "Dependencies cannot be installed" or "SymfonyInsight was not able to boot your Symfony application" errors, the reason is that SymfonyInsight always tries to install and boot your application before analyzing it. When installing your project's dependencies, the composer install command is executed. In turn, this command executes the cache:clear command, which tries to boot the kernel of your application.

This usually indicates that Doctrine ORM is trying to guess the database server version by querying it. This can be easily resolved by using the server_version option to set this value manually:

If the issue is different, see "How to connect to a database".