Integrate SymfonyInsight in your workflow


The manager features are only available on the Team plan. You can manage your current plan on your account page.

By providing features such as project collaborators and automated notifications, SymfonyInsight is well suited to get a daily overview of your project's quality and size.

But before being able to leverage these features, your team needs to get up and running with SymfonyInsight. This document explains how to configure SymfonyInsight as a team working on multiple projects in order to let you track the progress and quality of each of these projects.

First, have a look at the Getting started as a team tutorial that will guide you through the basic configuration of the product and how to add your team as collaborators on your projects.

Once ready, there are several features you can use in order to get an overview of your projects and be alerted when necessary.

1. Add all your projects to SymfonyInsight

In order to create a useful overview of your projects and to know when to alert you about them, SymfonyInsight needs to be used on all your projects.

2. Add automatic analysis on each of your project's

SymfonyInsight works much better when it has a complete overview of your project's code and improvements. To get this complete overview, it needs to be triggered each time the code of your application changes. This is where automatic analyses are useful.

Automatic analysis works by asking the platform hosting the code of your application to notify SymfonyInsight when the code changes.

Enabling it on every project helps SymfonyInsight be aware of the code changes, which it uses to notify you and give you a better picture of your projects.


In addition to automatic analyses, you can also enable Pull Requests analysis if you use GitHub. This will help your team get quality feedback directly in GitHub, reducing the amount of technical debt at its source.

3. Be notified about your project's quality

Once all your projects are monitored by SymfonyInsight, you can access the dashboard of the product to see the quality of each project.

However, sometimes being notified when something goes wrong is better than having to look at the data yourself.

There are several ways to do so, each described in a dedicated documentation section:

4. Print executive and full quality reports

You can print quality reports in the project's analysis.

While a SaaS product is highly flexible to work with on a daily basis, printed reports are a great way to communicate about your projects outside of your team. More specifically, printed reports are used by many SymfonyInsight customers to show their client the progress of their project.

You can read the dedicated documentation section to learn more about how print such reports.