Configuring SymfonyInsight

SymfonyInsight projects can define their own configuration to enable specific PHP extensions, to disable or modify analysis rules, and to execute custom scripts.

SymfonyInsight usually infers the right configuration from your project type and you may not need to tweak it manually. If you do need to change settings, there are two ways to do so:

  1. File based configuration
  2. Web based configuration

Most of the time, the file based configuration is preferable as it express the configuration right next to the code concerned by this configuration and allows you to change it on any branch/commit.

File based configuration

To use file based configuration, create a .symfony.insight.yaml file in your project root directory. If this file exists, SensioLabsInsight will apply this configuration starting from the next analysis.


You can create a different .symfony.insight.yaml file for each repository branch if you want to adjust the analysis of each branch.

Web based configuration

To edit the configuration using the web interface, click on a project and click on "Edit project".

In the "Advanced configuration" section, you will find an editor in which you can write YAML to specify your configuration. You can click on "View default configuration" to get an example of what you can edit in the configuration.

Configuration reference

To learn more about the configuration, you can read the Configuration options reference and the Sample configuration file.