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Monitor quality and growth with the Portfolio


The Portfolio is only available on the Team plan. You can manage your current plan on your account page.

The purpose of the Portfolio is to give managers and teams the ability to monitor multiple projects efficiently, both in terms of size and in terms of quality, without having to follow all the pull requests and commits individually. It is designed to give a basis on which better communication about quality can happen.

To access the Portfolio, click on the Portfolio tab in the menu.

The main view


The main view aims at showing you precisely where you should focus your attention to avoid your projects quality to reach critically low levels.

There are two main parts in this view:

  • An aggregated summary of the critical issues, technical debt and size of all your projects ;
  • The list of all your projects, including details about quality to help you understand where your technical debt comes from ;

The project view

When you click on a project, either in the list or in the sidebar, you will access the project view.


For each project, the Portfolio focuses on the most important elements you need to know:

  • the critical issues, including security problems, that need to be fixed as soon as possible ;
  • the total technical debt accumulated by your project (ie. the estimated time a single developer would need to fix all the issues detected by SymfonyInsight) ;
  • the size and its evolution of your project, in number of lines of code ;
  • the quality evolution over time, including details about Performance, Maintainability, Security and Architecture quality ;

Configure the data comparison

One of the core feature of the Portfolio is its ability to compare data over time to understand the direction your projects are taking in terms of quality and size.

By default, this data comparison is done on a 2 weeks basis: the data you see in the Portfolio is compared with the data of 2 weeks ago.

You can configure this in the sidebar by changing the date interval used for comparison.