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Configure e-mails notificationsΒΆ

SymfonyInsight helps you track the activity of your projects and your collaborators with email notifications. You can receive an email as soon as the quality of your project degrades, whenever one of your comments is replied or when one of your commits produces a new error on the project.

1 Click on the Account link located in the SymfonyInsight main menu.

2 Click on the Preferences tab.

3 Select the notifications that you want to enable from the full list of notifications provided by SymfonyInsight:

Notifications for project owners and collaborators:

  • When the medal changes on a project (increasing or decreasing the quality level).
  • When one of my commits causes a new violation to a project analysis.
  • When a comment is added by someone else to a project analysis violation.

Notifications for other events:

  • When you are added as a collaborator to a project.
  • When a comment is added on thread you commented to a project analysis violation.
  • When the monthly analysis completed (only 1 email per month per user account).

4 Click on the Save button to save the changes and SymfonyInsight will enable the selected notifications.