Extensive list of quality checks
to keep you covered

Zero set-up

Applications are analyzed in the cloud at your convenience, so there is nothing to configure or set up on your side.

Extensive checks

Our fast growing quality checkpoint list checks every single aspect of your application: from security to performance, maintainability, robustness or architecture.

Adaptive analyses

Not all applications are created equal. Our exclusive state-of-the-art analysis engine adapts its behavior to the nature of your project.

Estimate with confidence

SymfonyInsight provides an accurate estimation for the necessary time to repair each error. Forget about the total technical debt burden and use our fine-grained estimates to better plan your project.

Exceptionally detailed
and insightful reports

Insightful analyses

Our detailed reports will help you develop a clear picture about your project quality. Private reports are stored for as long as you decide, so you can track the evolution of your projects' quality over time.

Your code insurance

Use the unbiased SymfonyInsight quality ratings to make sure that your contractors adhere to the recommended best practices for developing Symfony applications.

Fully-featured dashboard

Use our dashboard to maintain complete control over your projects' quality.

Monthly reports

SymfonyInsight performs automatic monthly analyses to ensure that your applications still comply with the new quality rules added to the service.

Prioritized goals

The built-in filters allow you to allocate your resources on the most important errors in your project.

Evaluate your team

Use SymfonyInsight to objectively evaluate your developers. Trace errors and suggestions back to origin.

We stay on guard
so you don't have to

Continuous security scan

SymfonyInsight scans your application and notifies you as soon as a security exploit is found in your code.

Track your quality

Receive a notification whenever the quality of your project changes and whenever your developers introduce changes that deteriorate the quality of your application.

Unparalleled privacy and security

Your own private server

Your projects are always analyzed in an isolated environment. Your code is protected against any malicious user.

Private by default

All your code analyses and reports are private unless you explicitly share them with collaborators.


All communications are encrypted and the information is stored in a certified data center. The information of the projects that you no longer need to analyze are securely and permanently deleted using the recommended standard industry process.