Extensive list of quality checks
to keep you covered

More than 100 quality checks to cover every single aspect of your application: from security to performance, maintainability, robustness or architecture. Analysis rules have been carefully handcrafted by our team of experts based on their long experience auditing real-world applications.

Not just a static analysis

Static code analysis offers a limited view of your project quality. Our state-of-the-art dynamic analysis engine goes one step further and boots your applications to find bugs and errors impossible to find by static analysis.

Not all projects are created equal

Analyzing a PHP library is far more different than analyzing a Drupal project. Our exclusive analysis engine adapts its behavior to the kind of project being analyzed, whether a Drupal project, Laravel website, Symfony application or any other PHP project.

Estimate with confidence

SymfonyInsight provides an accurate estimation for the necessary time to fix each error. Forget about the total technical debt burden and use our fine-grained estimates to better plan your project development and refactorization.

Not only PHP

SymfonyInsight also analyzes your XML and YAML configuration files, your Twig templates, your Composer dependencies and much more.

Show your quality

By using SymfonyInsight intuitive medal-based scale as an unbiased proof of the quality of your projects.

Exceptionally detailed
and insightful reports

Best in class documentation

SymfonyInsight includes hundreds of carefully elaborated documentation pages. You will always know the cause of each error and learn why it's considered a bad practice.

Prioritized goals

Use the built-in filters and categories to start fixing the most critical errors ASAP.

Traceable errors

Trace each error and suggestion back to the developer who introduced it.

Fully configurable

Each code analysis rule can be configured or even disabled.

We stay on guard
so you don't have to

Continuous security scan

SymfonyInsight scans your code to find the most common security problems. Get notified about security exploits before deploying them to production.

Receive a notification

whenever the quality of your project changes and whenever one of your commits introduces new errors and suggestions.

Improving the code quality

Collaborators on your projects have full access to the code
analyses and quality reports.

Built-in comment engine

Use the built-in comment engine to help your team solve code problems fast, and receive notifications for new comments or replies.

Powerful filters

Filter errors by user and assign them to your collaborators. They will be notified as soon as they introduce a new suggestion.

Integrated in your workflow

Integrate SymfonyInsight into your
GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab workflows.

Receive commit status messages in your pull requests and get notified in Slack when an analysis reaches low levels.

Unparalleled privacy and security

Every project is analyzed on its own virtual machine, ensuring complete filesystem isolation. Your code is protected against any malicious user.

Your own private repository

If you host your own source code, we'll set up a secure and private Git repository where you can push the code before each analysis.

Private by default

All your code analyses and reports are private unless you explicitly share them.

SSL Encryption

All communications are encrypted with 128-bit SSL certificates and the code is stored in an industry grade data center.

Automatic deletion

Enable the automatic deletion of code after analysis to ensure your code is never kept between analysis.

There are many more reasons
to love SymfonyInsight

Medal widgets

Proudly show your project quality on your website or Git repository using our cool medal widgets.


A full-featured API to integrate SymfonyInsight into your applications and services.

Branch analysis

Analyze any branch of your repository. You can even change the branch for each analysis.

Monthly reports

Your projects are automatically analyzed monthly to ensure that they still comply with the new quality rules.


Enhance your skills directly from your analysis reports and project code.

Full-text search

Use the real-time full-text search to easily browse even the most complex reports.